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non surgical erectile dysfunction treatment in melbourne for men51% of men experience erectile dysfunction and only 14% of those men actually do something about it! Erectile dysfunction is common in older men but can affect younger men from 18 onwards and can be a precursor to cardiovascular disease and mental health issues not to mention the personal impact.


Causes of erectile dysfunction include:

Aging, high blood pressure, overweight, personal stress, vascular disease and excess alcohol consumption.

Erections often can get weaker or of shorter duration even in healthy men. This is likely due to accumulated damage to the nerves and blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. Better vascular health equals better erections. Even healthy men encounter erectile problems with aging.


What are some of the treatment options available for erectile dysfunction?

  • Surgery – painful, expensive and not guaranteed to work as a treatment option
  • The P-Shot – do you want to have an injection into your penis? Plus, it can have side effects
  • Take erectile dysfunction drugs – that have known potential side effects, headaches, facial flushing, low blood pressure, congestion, dizziness, chest pain, not to mention the cardiovascular risk


  • the non-invasive, fast, effective treatment on the Emsella chair at Davlin Health.

One of the most common and beneficial erectile dysfunction exercises are Kegels (pelvic floor contractions). In order to combat the effects of erectile dysfunction, you need to strengthen the muscles in your pelvic floor.  In men, Kegels target and strengthen the bulbocavernosus muscle. This muscle allows the penis to fill with blood during an erection, pump during ejaculation and empty the urethra after urination. This muscle is targeted so that you can have longer lasting and satisfying erections.

One session of 28 minutes is equivalent to 11,200 Kegel exercises (pelvic floor contractions) and can fast track your pelvic floor health by increasing the blood flow which strengthens and improves your pelvic floor muscles.  Kegels are also known to improve other issues such as urinary incontinence and other common urinary problems. They can also positively impact your sex life.

The BTL Emsella chair uses a high intensity, focused electromagnetic energy which contracts and strengthens your pelvic floor whilst you sit, fully clothed without any discomfort, in a discreet environment.

Clinical studies of Emsella show a success rate in excess of 90% for clients who have undergone treatment. The Emsella is FDA approved and TGA accredited for pelvic floor muscle strengthening for treatment of urinary incontinence after radical prostatectomy, erectile dysfunction and pelvic pain in men.   


“Over the last 3-4 weeks I have been working with Davlin Health on addressing my ED issues using the Emsella chair. I can wholeheartedly say I am grateful I decided to go down this treatment option. Completely non-invasive, with results I am very happy with (and so is the partner). This is not something us blokes normally talk about (ED) so if you’re reading this then don’t hold off any longer and get yourself functioning the way you wish you were.

Davlin Health thank you for your understanding, fantastic service and going above and beyond to help me with something that has been a challenge for many years.”

Daniel, 36

“My treatment was a success.  I came to Davlin with erectile dysfunction, which was proving to be an issue with my new partner. The sessions using the Emsella chair have meant that when I get an erection now it is strong, it lasts considerably longer than I have been used to in recent years and the ejaculation is robust.  David and Linda were polite, respectful and professional, and their advice to me went beyond the mechanics of the chair, so I came away feeling that I had a much better understanding and greater confidence.”

Clive, 65

“I had a problem with erectile dysfunction, leakage and 4 to 5 nightly visits to the toilet.  After I found Davlin Health my erectile dysfunction surprisingly improved and my night time visits are down to one a night and I have no leakage. It has made a real change to my sex life.”

Harry, 57

“I had been suffering with post prostatectomy issues for years and I was surprised at the effectiveness of the treatment and I wished I’d had the treatment before.”
      Nigel, 58

“It is so much nicer to have control again.  It has helped my erectile dysfunction problem too.”

     David, 46

“Solved the problem that old men have.”

  John, 72

“I had an erection after just one treatment and by the end of my sessions I was able to maintain an erection for some time.”

Peter, 70

“I found the treatment to be a simple and an effective process that definately fast tracked my recovery from prostate cancer.  I no longer have to wake up at night to empty my bladder and have better sleep.  I dont have to worry or panic when I’m out about finding a toilet.”

Wes, 61 

“I was suffering with an overactive bladder and was having to urinate frequently during the day and at least 4 times a night and the next day I was really tired.  I had tried everything before this treatment. I can now control my bladder and I am finally getting a  good sleep and not getting up at all.  It’s such a painless and fast treatment that actually works. This treatment has changed my life.” 

Don, 36

“I was having trouble maintaining an erection and found it was deflating and annoying. The treatment worked and it allowed me to have a normal relationship with my wife. I would recommend this treatment.”

Greg, 60


At Davlin Health we have successfully treated men aged from mid 30’s to early 80’s with our revolutionary BTL Emsella chair which provides pelvic floor muscle strengthening for treatment of urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction and pelvic pain syndrome in male and female patients.

We can give you back your freedom and self-confidence. See our testimonials page or phone us on 0498 111 996 for a discreet conversation or better still, book your free trial today.

Take control of your personal life and regain your sexual freedom and enjoyment with treatment on the Emsella medical device.



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