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Davlin Health evolved from my realisation that as fit and active as I was, the impact of aging, menopause and having had two children was causing me some issues.  I began to notice small changes, more regular toilet visits, regular interruption of sleep, slight leakage and possible onset of prolapse, time to take action!​

Not wanting surgery or medication I chose the non invasive BTL Emsella chair with FDA approval and TGA accreditation to treat my symptoms. What a revelation. Suddenly my overnight toilet visits reduced dramatically and no more leakage, all after only 6 sessions and my self-confidence returned.​

I realised I was not the only women of my age suffering in silence and decided to create a service which would help women of all ages regain their quality of life. We established Davlin Health in Melbourne to provide treatment for women and men, that give long term solutions for bladder leakage, erectile dysfunction and prevention of prolapse, without ongoing exercise, medication or surgery, in a discreet, specialist environment.​

Our objective at Davlin Health is to provide long term solutions to our clients, as evidenced by the testimonials on our website.   ​I have now made it my passion to help educate and empower other women to regain their freedom and self-confidence and give them a better quality of life.

It always makes me happy knowing that we have changed the lives of women and men who have undergone the treatment with us at Davlin Health.  Please schedule a call for a discreet conversation to discuss how we can help you.

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