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Val, Ringwood

Since having the treatment I no longer have to go as frequently and I no longer have to rush to the toilet.

John, Colac

Fantastic improvement - I no longer have to get out of bed four or five times a night.  I recommend it. Well and truly.

Sheryl, Melbourne

Being an active middle aged woman I was quite surprised when the elements of gravity, age, menopause and childbirth started to impact my body and lifestyle.  I would internally panic if I felt the urge to sneeze or cough.


After 6 treatments which were effective and painless I noticed  big differences with a  stronger pelvic floor, more confidence and less time spent going to the toilet.  The results I believe, would not have been achieved with exercise alone and in such a short time. I feel these treatments have definitely been a worthwhile investment in my health and future well being .

Sam, Sydney

"It has changed my life" -  See Sam's full testamonial on video page