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Most recent testimonials

Julia is a younger women who had the treatment with us.  She was delighted that "it worked and we made the process comfortable, easy and stigma free".  She no longer visits the toilet 20 times a day.  Now down to 8 visits and her overactive bladder has been tamed.

Kate is a naturopath who was so delighted with the change in her condition she wanted to hug me. She now can run 20 metres without leaking.

Rose no longer has to change her pads 6 times a day.  She is down to 1 per day and loving the freedom and self  confidence she now has.

Nigel had been suffering with post prostatectomy issues for years.  He was surprised at the effectiveness of the treatment and wondered why he hadn't had treatment before.

Heather has just been through menopause and was so happy that she no longer had to get up three times at night.  

Mary now no longer has to drop the shopping and rush to the toilet when she puts her key in the door.  She now has control over her bladder.

Pat was surprised when she could empty her bladder fully and regain control of her pelvic floor muscles. She now goes to the toilet 5 times a day instead of 20. 

Val, Ringwood

Since having the treatment I no longer have to go as frequently and I no longer have to rush to the toilet.

John, Colac

Fantastic improvement - I no longer have to get out of bed four or five times a night.  I recommend it. Well and truly.

Sheryl, Melbourne

Being an active middle aged woman I was quite surprised when the elements of gravity, age, menopause and childbirth started to impact my body and lifestyle.  I would internally panic if I felt the urge to sneeze or cough.


After 6 treatments which were effective and painless I noticed  big differences with a  stronger pelvic floor, more confidence and less time spent going to the toilet.  The results I believe, would not have been achieved with exercise alone and in such a short time. I feel these treatments have definitely been a worthwhile investment in my health and future well being .

Sam, Sydney

"It has changed my life" -  See Sam's full testamonial on video page