Bladder leakage/Incontinence


“I have been so pleased with the results of my Emsella Chair treatment. I have gone from regular bladder leakage to being able to dance and exercise vigorously without any leakage.  Linda has been really generous with her time and knowledge. I highly recommend Davlin Health.”

Bree, 41

“Although I didn’t feel my issues were too bad, mainly some leakage during sneezing or skipping at the gym, I wanted to give this chair a go just to help me out.  I also used to go to the toilet very frequently, whether I needed to or not. Linda spent quite some time explaining to me how to make this frequency stop and has totally changed now when and if I go.  I used to wake up during the night thinking I needed to go, but actually when I got there I didn’t really. So I had a wasted trip out of bed, and ruined sleep. Now I am able to sleep through the night. Overall I couldn’t recommend Linda more, she is a lovely supportive woman who knows what she is doing – you couldn’t be in better hands.”

Sheena, 48 

“I was skeptical at first but I have lived with incontinence since the birth of my first baby 15 years ago so I was ready to try anything to resolve my issue.  The treatment has significantly improved my issues and I am now able to hold on and not rush to the toilet. I feel normal again.  Thank you Linda for being so understanding!  Try the treatment if you have an issue with incontinence, it will definately help you live a normal life!”

Mia, 43

“I have had incontinence for 2 years since the birth of my second child and it was affecting my mental health. I felt frustrated as physiotherapy had not worked for me. The Emsella chair was a fantastic treatment for me as I felt the effect quickly and I gained back my self confidence and I am no longer worrying about leakage.”

Tulip, 40 

“Having undergone this non invasive treatment on the Emsella chair for bladder leakage, I am delighted to say how liberating it is to now be incontinence free.  Thank you Linda for your professionalism and sensitive approach towards this often non-spoken problem.”

Trish, 65

“I had urge and stress incontinence caused by childbirth and perimenopause.  I couldn’t exercise, cough or sneeze without leakage and was wearing a liner.  Now I no longer do – this treatment has given me my life back.”

Sarah, 39

“I had tried a chiropractor and an osteopath and nothing seemed to work. It didn’t take months of treatments to help my problem once I found Davlin Health. I could feel the difference after a few sessions and when I sneezed or coughed I didn’t leak which was amazing. I would highly recommend Davlin Health to anyone – such an amazing service.”

Laura, 39

“The Emsella chair was quick, relaxing and non invasive.  My regular treatments allowed me to notice a truly marked improvement in the strength of my pelvic floor muscles.  I am grateful to Linda for the treatment and encourage others with such symptoms of weak pelvic floor to trial Emsella chair for themselves.  It is worth it.”

Jen, 43

“I suffer from urge incontinence and was looking for something non surgical.  I tried physio but that was not successful. After my first session I could feel an improvement, after 6 sessions I was happy to travel overseas and not worry about finding a toilet constantly.”

Carol, 59

“I no longer have to change my pads 4 times a day. I am now down to 1 per day and loving the freedom and self confidence I now have.”
Rose, 63

“I was surprised when I found I could empty my bladder fully and regain control of my pelvic floor muscles. I now go to the toilet 5 times a day instead of 20.”
Pat , 51

“I am now down to 1 change per day from 6. I am looking forward to travelling long distances without any fear of leakage. I now sleep through the night and feel much more rested. I appreciate that the process was discreet, painless and that it works.”
Jenny, 75

“I had a very good experience at Davlin Health. After having my two boys I have struggled to get back to running. Today I am looking forward to my runs without anything to worry about. Thank you.”

             Magdalen, 44                

“I no longer have to drop the shopping and rush to the toilet when I put my key in the front door.l I now have control over my bladder.”
Mary, 45

“The results from Emsella have been amazing. the improvement was felt after the very first treatment. I couldn’t recommend the chair more highly for almost immediate results.”
Catherine, 42

I had the start of a prolapse and was worried about my future pelvic floor health. I first noticed that the volume and flow of urine had improved. I felt I gained more confidence after treatment. I like that the treatment can be undertaken while fully dressed.”

Milla, 44 

“My time at Davlin Health has been a game changer. I now have the freedom to experience life without embarrassment and a joy of dancing, playing and even exercising.”

Ange, 45

“I felt totally at ease each time I went for a treatment. So discreet, no signs. The Emsella chair was fantastic. If I had gone to a physio I would probably still be going for months. I know it is a taboo subject but I certainly did not want to wear pads!  I highly recommend this treatment.”

Helen, 53

“Linda was very professional and informative. She made me feel comfortable and at ease during all of my appointments. She was also very accommodating and flexible with appointment times! Would 100% recommend treatments at Davlin Health.”

Alanna, 28 

I noticed results after the first session.  More restful nights – going from 4 times per night to 1 or none and less frequency. Equipment was always clean and the environment was comfortable and welcoming.  The staff are knowledgeable and understanding.  Non invasive treatment well worth the experience.  Looking forward to going hiking with my husband again”

Rose, 55 

“I have lived with incontinence for 5 years and have been seeking remedies to alleviate the stress of it. I was fortunate enough to find Davlin Health who provided the tretment via Emsella chair which was profoundly effective.  The effect of it was outstanding and within a short period of time the condition improved over 60%. I now have a better night’s sleep.”

Quyen, 81


Erectile Dysfunction

“I found this to be the best alternative to taking pills or surgery.  I came in to treat erectile dysfunction but not only did it address this issue, I noticed it also fixed my lower back pain by increasing the strength of my pelvic floor muscles  Then there was also the added benefit of not having to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet.”

Tony, 48

At 34 I was struggling to get an erection to last during sex and it had a major impact on my stress levels and sex drive. After trying it, I was amazed at the improvements almost immediately to all the issues that were concerning me.

I would HIGHLY recommend this treatment to everyone and have done so. My partner noticed changes from the first treatment. She made a point to mention how much harder she felt my erection was and maintained throughout intercourse. She said it was an immediate noticeable difference and it has since increased her stimulation and enjoyment of our sex life. It gave her satisfaction immediately and more desire too.”

Anthony, 34 

“I have been experiencing erectile dysfunction, on and off for 20 years. which led to frustration and anxiety.  From the first time I used the Emsella chair I could see and feel a difference.  I can now maintain a better erection and I have stopped getting up at night to go to the toilet. David and Linda will put you at ease from your first visit and make sure you receive comprehensive information regarding the treatment. Their willingness and ongoing support is so extraordinary throughout your treatment as they help and guide you to achieve your results that you may not get elsewhere.” 

Michael , 61

“I can wholeheartedly say I am grateful I decided to go down this treatment option. Completely non-invasive, with results I am very happy with (and so is the partner). This is not something us blokes normally talk about (ED) so if you’re reading this then don’t hold off any longer and get yourself functioning the way you wish you were.

Thank you for your understanding, fantastic service and going above and beyond to help me with something that has been a challenge for many years.”

Daniel, 36

“My treatment was a success.  I came to Davlin with erectile dysfunction, which was proving to be an issue with my new partner. The sessions using the Emsella chair have meant that when I get an erection now it is strong, it lasts considerably longer than I have been used to in recent years and the ejaculation is robust.  David and Linda were polite, respectful and professional and their advice to me went beyond the mechanics of the chair, so I came away feeling that I had a much better understanding and greater confidence.”

Clive, 65

“I had a problem with erectile dysfunction, leakage and 4 to 5 nightly visits to the toilet.  After I found Davlin Health my erectile dysfunction surprisingly improved and my night time visits are down to one a night and I have no leakage. It has made a real change to my sex life.”

Harry, 57

“I was having trouble maintaining an erection and found it was deflating and annoying. The treatment worked and it allowed me to have a normal relationship with my wife. I would recommend this treatment.”

Greg, 60

“It is so much nicer to have control again.  It has helped my erectile dysfunction problem too.”

     David, 46

“I was recovering from prostate cancer and related medical conditions and was having issues with evening bladder control combined with erectile dysfunction. I am very happy with my overall experience at Davlin Health which was very rewarding.”

David, 77 

Frequent night time urination (nocturia)


“I was getting up 2 – 6 times a night over the past 5 years.  I have tried many things like physio and insomnia treatments but nothing seemed to work. The Emsella chair treatment has reduced my need to go and combined with some excellent facts from Linda, it has helped me break my long term habits.  From the 4th session I was only getting up once and I even had my first time, in a very long time,  of sleeping through to 5am.”

Shelley, 59

“I originally sought a solution when I started to feel that leakage may become a problem.  The sessions were quick and easy.  I do feel a definite increase in control and I’m now not waking during the night to use the toilet which has resulted in much better sleep which is wonderful.”

Liz, 48

“I suffered from bladder leakage and excess toilet visits which was debilitating and I felt ashamed.  Traditional physio wasn’t working for me. I now have more self confidence and freedom to do the things I enjoy and I no longer have to get up at night at all. I would 100% recommend this treatment to anyone who needs more control over their bladder.”

Fiona, 30 

“Prior to therapy I was waking up every hour to go to the toilet.  Following treatment I am now only waking up once a night and my energy levels have increased during the day.”

Quyen, 81

“I had a problem with erectile dysfunction, leakage and 4 to 5 nightly visits to the toilet.  After I found Davlin Health my erectile dysfunction surprisingly improved and my night time visits are down to one a night and I have no leakage. It has made a real change to my sex life.”

Harry, 57

“I have just been through menopause and am so happy that I no longer have to get up three times at night.”

Heather, 53

“No one could help me other than give me medication for bladder control. I was getting up at night up to 5 times, now I no longer get up in the middle of the night to run to the toilet and my daily toilet visits have reduced. This has been a saviour for me”

Theo, 80

 “Nothing worked, I was waking up 3-4 times per night. Now I am waking up only once a night and with a full bladder. Davlin Health made the entire process very comfortable and non-invasive. The sessions flew by. We had success! Very impressed and happy.”

Megan, 43


Overactive bladder/frequent urination

“I was suffering with an overactive bladder and was having to urinate frequently during the day and at least 4 times a night and the next day I was really tired.  I had tried everything before this treatment. I can now control my bladder and I am finally getting a  good sleep and not getting up at all.  It’s such a painless and fast treatment that actually works. This treatment has changed my life.” 

Don, 36

“This can be such an awkward health issue to talk about and seek advice on, especially as someone younger who doesn’t fit the stereotype for it. Davlin Health and “the chair” really made this process comfortable, easy and stigma free. Best of all – IT WORKED! No other approach I’ve tried has had such quick and dramatic results. Thank you!”

Julia, 32


“I have had an over active bladder for almost 7 years and I have tried many treatments and medicines none of them have really helped until I did this treatment. I used to urinate 3 to 4 times a night and the next day I will be so tired due to lack of sleep. After this life changing treatment I alway get a good night sleep and I don’t have to go every few minutes at night and day. This is a fast and painless treatment that truly works and David has been so helpful throughout the treatment. Thanks.”

Don, 36 


Post prostatectomy incontinence


I was recovering from prostate cancer and related medical conditions and was having issues with evening bladder control combined with erectile dysfunction. I am very happy with my overall experience at Davlin Health which was very rewarding.”

David, 77 

“I found the treatment to be a simple and effective process that definately fast tracked my recovery from prostate cancer related incontinence.  I no longer have to wake up at night to empty my bladder and have better sleep.  I dont have to worry or panic when I’m out about finding a toilet.”

Wes, 61 

“I had been suffering with post prostatectomy issues for years and I was surprised at the effectiveness of the treatment and I wished I’d had the treatment before.”
        Nigel, 58

“Solved the problem that old men have.”
John, 72

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